Printing 3D prototypes

At Moulding Injection we chose a UNION TEK RSPro 600 printer, an industrial 3D printer (stereolithography), (0.05 mm accuracy).

Our printers use the latest 3D printing technologies that guarantee high-quality results, accurately, quickly and economically.


Your virtual reality products
We enable our customers to view their products in virtual reality on their phone or tablet with a simple app that is accessible to everyone. This gives you an idea of ​​the size and allows you to zoom in on the details of your future injection moulded parts.


Small series in a mould with silicone
To validate your models, designs or products, we offer you the opportunity to realize your prototypes in ABS or polyurethane.
These prototypes are then sanded, painted, and are almost identical to injection-moulded variants.
Thanks to duplication in a mould with silicone, you can test your parts for their mechanical properties.


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