Price of containers return from China

China: Stop or else?

As European industry rethinks its production model, understanding the need to relocate strategic parts, every entrepreneur must also ask himself this question.
Isn't it time to be more flexible, more reactive, more agile to offer the consumer even more professional services?

Will you continue to pay your containers 10.000 - 12.000 Dollars? 

Every distributor and every vendor has to grasp new things, think of new ideas and above all be reactive to the news of the moment!  
But being agile, flexible and alert in the creation phase is useless if the production chain behind it does not follow.

However, three elements impose today to be fast:
- to be ready as soon as possible, for a reduced time-to-market and thus an increased profitability
- not to have one's idea or concept stolen
- to adapt immediately in case of problems 

The only solution is to find a reliable and close contact, open to your requests. This is why we have digitized our entire creation process, with models created in 3 dimensions.
They are visualized in virtual reality and then printed in 3D: reflection and brainstorming are carried out with the customer, based on concrete elements.
This allows us to have an innovative product that is as close as possible to the customer's desires and therefore to the market, with an optimized product market fit (PMF).

By reducing stocks, this "local just-in-time" approach allows for a significant reduction in costs: by including robotization and local subsidies, the Made in Europe product becomes competitive again. 




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