Production of showerheads in Belgium and France

What makes Moulding Injection's production quality unique is the combination of competitive advantages that few other industry players can claim. Indeed, beyond the quality of our showerheads produced in Europe (thanks to a strict respect of the standards imposed by the French ACS), it is really our management capabilities that…

Plastic waste recycling

We largely recycle our plastic waste; we shred the injection moulding cores and discarded parts simultaneously to the injection moulding of parts.Once milled, we re-integrate them into the new material during the injection moulding process.Plastic is a flexible and economical material for recycling during plastic injection moulding; this plastic recycling…

What is that plastic injection moulding?

Thermoplastic injection moulds enable mass production of functional objects. The process is applied in many areas, especially for the production of auto parts and household products. Using an injection moulding machine, molten polymers are injected into a mould under high pressure. These polymers, or thermoplastic materials, consist of granules before…

bio-plastic, PLA

Bioplastics are an alternative to thermoplastic materials from the fossil industry. Composed of vegetable carbon (obtained by processing corn starch, potato), bioplastics are biodegradable. These materials can be composted. These bioplastics are an alternative to ABS or Polycarbonate; they have the same mechanical properties (service life, hardness). The drawback is…

Injection moulded Champagne bucket So Fresh in ABS

Realization of plans, injection moulds in ABS, soft touch finish.





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