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Plastic Chocolate Molds Manufacturing For Chocolate Making

So, you're a chocolatier, and when it comes to creating the finest chocolate, the first thing that jumps to mind is chocolate molds. Chocolate molds are hollow containers that allow you the ability to give your chocolates unique forms. Plastic, silicon, or polycarbonate are used to make the chocolate molds. Plastic chocolate molds are the highest quality and most used of the three.

Compared to silicon and plastic molds, polycarbonate chocolate gives the chocolates the right polish and luster. These molds can transfer heat and temperature for a perfect end result. You will see any dull patches on the shell due to chilling if you use polycarbonate chocolate molds. Molds made of polycarbonate are strong, robust, and long-lasting. Another benefit of utilizing polycarbonate molds is that they are transparent, allowing you to keep an eye on the molded chocolates during the chocolate manufacturing process.


Polycarbonate molds provide chocolate manufacturers with significant ease and simplicity when producing exquisite chocolates. These chocolate molds have a lot of advantages.

Chocolate molds made of polycarbonate available in a range of forms and sizes.

These molds are easy to use and give the chocolates a beautiful shine and gloss. Your chocolate pralines will be unbreakable and simple to de-mould using them.

They're simple to clean after you've finished producing chocolate.Chocolate pralines may be made with ease using a polycarbonate chocolate mold.

These molds can be stacked without causing damage to the chocolate molds.

How To Use?

Gloss, shine, and precise carvings in your chocolates are no longer difficult to create. To make your ultimate chocolate treats, pick up these plastic chocolate molds. These molds are among the strongest and most long-lasting in the country. If you follow these simple steps,

you will be able to realize your goal of making beautiful chocolates for your customers:

Make a mold in whichever shape you like. Make sure the polycarbonate molds are dry before using them.If you use your fingerprint to contact the mold,it will leave an imprint on your chocolate.

The next step is to use a heat gun to heat the molds to a temperature that is 20 to 40 degrees Celsius lower than thetemperature of your chocolate.A ladle, bench scraper, or candy funnel can be used to pour the chocolate into the molds.

For precise portioning, a funnel is ideal. Prepare your pre-crystallized chocolate and use the funnel or ladle to pour the chocolate into the mold.

Scrape any leftover chocolate and tap the mold on both sides to remove any remaining bubbles. To cool the mold, place it in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.

Types of Polycarbonate Chocolate Molds -

Plastic Chocolate molds made of polycarbonate come in a variety of forms and textures. The following are the most popular:

Flat Chocolate Molds - These flat chocolate molds are used to make front-dimensional flat sweets.

3D Chocolate Molds - They are available with an open bottom or a closed bottom, depending on the type of chocolate you wish to produce.

Magnetic Chocolate Molds - These are some of the highest-quality polycarbonate chocolate molds on the market. If you want to make outstanding molded surprises for your clients, get these molds.

Conclusion -

If you are looking forward to the finest injection molding solutions, look no further than We make the finest plastic chocolate molds available as per the European standards. Our skilled specialists are the perfect fit for addressing your organization's low-cost, high-quality tooling needs through low-cost injection molding. The molds may be purchased from us at factory rates. We are here to help you put your idea to life in chocolate, no matter how big or little it is.




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