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Thinking, designing, developing and producing in Belgium at the best conditions ... yes, it is possible! Local production of your plastic parts and components is no longer expensive.

Conceptualizing, designing, developing and producing in Belgium at the best conditions ... yes, it is possible!

The current crisis is calling us to build up a sovereign industry that is very different than the one we created before. A number of companies, such as Moulding Injection, have taken the lead in this.
For a long time, low cost was the driving factor. This rule also applied to injection moulding. But at what cost? First and foremost the cost for our environment resulting from the many business trips between Europe and Asia. We also pay a for our loss of control: products are widely copied and produced to eventually be offered in our Western markets.

Local production is no longer expensive. The key? Moulding Injection offers this solution:

- procurement of raw materials in large quantities, which makes it possible to negotiate lower prices;
- call on regional aid for the procurement, including the depreciation of machines;
- make the most of the benefits of automation;
- work continuously, 24 hours a day;
- take full advantage of technological progress;
- capitalise on experience.

Today it is possible to drastically shorten the time for the design and production of a product by organizing the industrial chain in a different way. A well-designed product enters the market faster and is more successful.

Moulding Injection distinguishes itself in the plastic injection moulding market by its complete approach, starting from the initial design. The product is the last step in the value chain. The preliminary study is fundamental. It is not enough to innovate. It is also necessary to spark the interest of the future consumers, knowing that the levers of desire are constantly changing. The introduction into the market and the evolution of a product must be carefully prepared. We shouldn’t forget that the consumer has moved from the era of buying to the era of experience.

Moulding Injection brings you back in touch with the reality of the market and also offers proximity of production. We support you in all your projects. From the initial thinking to the production follow-up, our team goes through all the steps of the value chain with you.

Success is linked to the idea of ​​sharing. It is built up in a close partnership. This is exactly what Moulding Injection strives for: a close collaborative relationship in which Moulding Injection offers a listening ear and guarantees a continuous exchange of data through the most efficient digital communication and productivity tools to respond as good as possible to the clients’ needs, taking into account an increasingly short time to-market.

Don't outsource anymore. Share your projects with a committed partner.


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