Mould making for injection moulding

The creation of the mould is a crucial step in the production process of plastic parts and components, it is the cornerstone of the success of your project.

You know that developing a mould is expensive! Precisely on this point, Moulding Injection has chosen to make a difference.

We have invested in fast and efficient machines, so we can offer unique competitive prices in the manufacturing of your creations. The manufacturing of a mould takes an average of 4 to 6 weeks. We ensure a very high precision in the execution and can also make adjustments to your moulds in no time.

We reduce production costs thanks to our experience in injection moulding (> 30 years).

• Elimination of undercuts
• Feasibility analysis
• Multi-cavity moulds
• Mould forms with inserts

We optimize your parts from conception according to precise criteria:

• Reduction of the weight of your injection moulded parts
• Choice of suitable material
• Realization of a mould at the best price
• Simplification of the necessary tools
• Shortening the installation time
• Just-in-time production (JIT)

Development of injection moulds at very competitive prices. Discount up to 50% on the price of injection moulds.

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