Manufacturing the injection mold is a crucial step in the process of producing plastic injection-molded parts, and the key to realizing your project.

As you know, mold making is expensive! That's exactly where Moulding Injection sets itself apart. (both in Belgium and in France).

We've invested in high-performance, high-speed machinery, so we can offer you unbeatable prices on the manufacture of your injection mold.

Our average manufacturing time for plastic injection molds is 5-8 weeks. We ensure high-precision machining, and can also make modifications to our molds in record time.

We reduce manufacturing costs thanks to our experience in plastic injection molding in Belgium (>30 years).
  • Elimination of undercuts
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Multi-cavity molds - Die molds with inserts
  • We optimize your parts right from the design stage, according to precise criteria
  • Reducing the weight of your injected parts - Choosing the right material
  • Production of the mold at the best price - Simplification of tooling
  • Reduced assembly time - Just-in-time (JIT) production


Injection moulded Champagne bucket So Fresh in ABS

Realization of plans, injection moulds in ABS, soft touch finish.

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Relocalisation de votre production plastique en Europe ?

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