Our Team

In a time of digital transformation and the exploration of new markets, ‘time to market’ has never been more important. In this context, rapid injection moulding is particularly suitable for on-demand production, transition tools, pilot series and, of course, for functional prototyping.

Designer and marketeer, Olivier Vereecken, supports you throughout all your projects. From initial concept to production, Olivier and his team guide you through all the steps of the value chain.

Injection moulding is not a trivial technique, you must be sure of the quality, which can only be guaranteed by an experienced professional. You should also be able to count on extremely short time to market.

With his profound experience in packaging, Olivier is widely recognized for his skills in retail, especially for his decoration of points of sale. Over the past 15 years he has also built up a solid know-how in injection moulding, both in Belgium and in China, where his company, Moulding Injection, has a good reputation and offers customers exceptional value for money.

Whilst being creative and precise, Moulding Injection strives for a close working relationship with its customers. It distinguishes itself by listening carefully and offering a continuous exchange of data through the most efficient digital communication and productivity tools. We respond as accurately as possible to our clients’ needs, taking into account an increasingly short time to-market.


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