Plastic Injection


Are you looking for a plastic injection mold manufacturer?At a time of digital transformation and exploration of new markets, time-to-market has never been more important, or more critical. In this context, rapid injection molding is particularly well suited to on-demand production, transition tooling, pilot series and, of course, functional prototyping. As a designer and marketer, Olivier Vereecken is with you every step of the way. From initial brainstorming to production follow-up, Olivier and…


Manufacturing the injection mold is a crucial step in the process of producing plastic injection-molded parts, and the key to realizing your project.As you know, mold making is expensive! That's exactly where Moulding Injection sets itself apart. (both in Belgium and in France).We've invested in high-performance, high-speed machinery, so we can offer you unbeatable prices on the manufacture of your injection mold.Our average manufacturing time for plastic injection molds is 5-8 weeks. We…

Injection molds for Polycarbonate goggles

We produced two injection molds for the injection of polycarbonate goggles used to protect hospital staff in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic hospital staff in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic hospital staff in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Injection molding of pill boxes for pharmacies and para-pharmacies.

We produce high-end pill boxes, they are also screen printed by us. Combining practicality and aesthetics, our boxes offer an elegant solution for the daily organization of medications.

Chocolate packaging and blister

Are you looking for a chocolate packaging manufacturer in Belgium and France ?Moulding Injection also specialises in the production of chocolate packaging. Our design office is located in Belgium - the country of chocolate par excellence! - We have already produced a lot of chocolate packaging.What is our approach?We think first of all about the end customer; a box of chocolate must reflect the quality of the product, it must also be concerned with maintaining the quality of the product throughout…

Frisbee plastic injection

Production of frisbees made from polypropylene (PP) or recycled ocean polypropylene (RPP). These sustainable and eco-friendly Frisbees embody our commitment to protecting the environment and nature. Available in all colors, these frisbees offer a planet-friendly option.We have 2 molds in our workshops in Belgium.

Child safety closures (CRC)

We inject and finish our own Child Resistant Caps (CRC) in-house. We have developed specific molds for two formats, DIN 20 and DIN 22, in order to meet the varied requirements of the market. Our manufacturing process carried out entirely in our workshops guarantees high quality standards, ensuring product safety.

7 Chakras Shower – Polycarbonate Showers

Design, modelisation and production of polycarbonate shower.

Plastic ring for lighting system

Reinforced PA66 injection-moulded plastic ring, heat-resistant >150°.

3D mock-up of polycarbonate injected product

3D mock-up of polycarbonate injected product

10ML blow-moulded bottle

Blow-moulded bottle and 10ML child-resistant caps (chemical-resistant)

Production of a handle by reverse engineering

Our project involved reverse-engineering a plastic handle for which we didn't have the original drawings. We used 3D scanning techniques to capture every detail, then produced a drawing.This enabled us to produce the plastic injection molded handle; identical to the initial model.


As an online company, we receive daily requests from injection mold manufacturers. We always use the same reference file to position the different mold manufacturers. Prices can vary from simple to triple, quadruple and even almost 10 times the price.Why use price comparison for plastic injection molds?Are you looking for plastic injection molds, but don't really know which manufacturer to turn to? In the plastics industry, there are a huge number of manufacturers of injection molds and plastic…


How did we go about it? We produced the tooling, i.e. the steel mold, in 6 weeks. The first samples of the display unit were then delivered to Julien for testing. After a few adjustments to the dimensions, the product was born.We chose polycarbonate for its production, as this plastic material is light yet has excellent resistance. MusiWall customers will have an easy-to-handle, rigid and transparent display that fits in with any style of home!As a manufacturer of plastic injection molds, we help…

How to design a plastic part correctly?

Each customer has, by nature, a specific need and demand for its plastic part manufacturing. Moulding Injection's job is to reconcile these needs as well as possible, with all the technical requirements.Because the design of the plastic part, inseparable from the creation of the plastic mould, requires that all aspects be thought out well in advance, from manufacture to the final destination.The mould maker must then take into account the constraints specific to the plastics industry, such as…

Production of showerheads in Belgium and France

What makes Moulding Injection's production quality unique is the combination of competitive advantages that few other industry players can claim. Indeed, beyond the quality of our showerheads produced in Europe (thanks to a strict respect of the standards imposed by the French ACS), it is really our management capabilities that make us suppliers you will want to keep. Our Minral Shower Head project here.The two key factors of standardisation of plastic injection quality in each of our production…

Co-creation, co-production, participatory financing

Plastic injection molding: we finance your projects with a strong social and ecological impactPlastic injection molding is a technique intended for the production of small series from 100 to several thousands of pieces. Do you have a plastic injection project with a strong social and ecological impact? We offer you reliable and efficient support. Whether you are in the agricultural, medical or industrial sector, the price of the mold does not have to be an obstacle anymore thanks to our financial…

What is that plastic injection moulding?

Thermoplastic injection moulds enable mass production of functional objects. The process is applied in many areas, especially for the production of auto parts and household products. Using an injection moulding machine, molten polymers are injected into a mould under high pressure. These polymers, or thermoplastic materials, consist of granules before transformation. The heat softens them and as soon as they are liquid they are injected into the mould, after which they take the right form and then…

bio-plastic, PLA

Bioplastics are an alternative to thermoplastic materials from the fossil industry. Composed of vegetable carbon (obtained by processing corn starch, potato), bioplastics are biodegradable. These materials can be composted. These bioplastics are an alternative to ABS or Polycarbonate; they have the same mechanical properties (service life, hardness). The drawback is the limited heat resistance of these products. (For example, it is not recommended to use them for hot liquid cups.) Please feel free…

Relocalisation de votre production plastique en Europe ?

Relocalisation de votre production plastique en Europe ?


Injection moulded Champagne bucket So Fresh in ABS

Realization of plans, injection moulds in ABS, soft touch finish.

Relocalisation de votre production plastique en Europe ?

Relocalisation de votre production plastique en Europe ?

bio-plastic, PLA

Bioplastics are an alternative to thermoplastic materials from the fossil industry. Composed of vegetable…

Plastic Injection: Get 50% discount on the mold price for 1 year

Patented since 1872, plastic injection molding became widely available in the late 1940s. Today it is…