Chocolate packaging and blister

Are you looking for a chocolate packaging manufacturer in Belgium and France ?Moulding Injection also specialises in the production of chocolate packaging. Our design office is located in Belgium - the country of chocolate par excellence! - We have already produced a lot of chocolate packaging.What is our approach?We think first of all about the end customer; a box of chocolate must reflect the quality of the product, it must also be concerned with maintaining the quality of the product throughout…


Injection moulded Champagne bucket So Fresh in ABS

Realization of plans, injection moulds in ABS, soft touch finish.

Relocalisation de votre production plastique en Europe ?

Relocalisation de votre production plastique en Europe ?

bio-plastic, PLA

Bioplastics are an alternative to thermoplastic materials from the fossil industry. Composed of vegetable…

Plastic Injection: Get 50% discount on the mold price for 1 year

Patented since 1872, plastic injection molding became widely available in the late 1940s. Today it is…