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Chocolate packaging and blister

Are you looking for a chocolate packaging manufacturer in Belgium and France ?

Moulding Injection also specialises in the production of chocolate packaging. Our design office is located in Belgium - the country of chocolate par excellence! - We have already produced a lot of chocolate packaging.

What is our approach?

We think first of all about the end customer; a box of chocolate must reflect the quality of the product, it must also be concerned with maintaining the quality of the product throughout the sales process.

We have to check :

1. The quality of the carton: if you do not make plastic inserts (transparent blister); you must absolutely meet strict standards regarding the quality of the carton. 

2. The solidity of the packaging: how will your packaging be sent? Is it necessary to check a maximum thickness?

3. Food grade plastic (PET) inserts: We produce plastic blister packs to hold your chocolates.

4. The presentation of your products: the watchword is simple: you must make your customers want it!

5. Be creative and respectful of nature: use materials that can be recycled. 

Realization of packaging for chocolate in Belgium and France, we ensure the production of recyclable PET blister packs and the printing of chocolate boxes.

High Class Chocolate Packaging Manufacturing Work

The presentation of a box of chocolates is a crucial point. Indeed, the product must make the customer want it. Moulding Injection will know how to use its know-how in order to offer you attractive packaging but will also be able to submit to your wishes. The choice of material ? It is also offered to you. Insofar as it offers the possibility of being recycled, Moulding Injection will be able to adapt to your desires. You can find a 3D example of a luxury packaging for chocolates created by Moulding Injection here. Do not hesitate to contact Moulding Injection to ensure the viability of your future product.


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