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Plastic injection molding: we finance your projects with a strong social and ecological impact

Plastic injection molding is a technique intended for the production of small series from 100 to several thousands of pieces. Do you have a plastic injection project with a strong social and ecological impact? We offer you reliable and efficient support. Whether you are in the agricultural, medical or industrial sector, the price of the mold does not have to be an obstacle anymore thanks to our financial intervention of 50%.

Plastic injection molding: a high precision process
Plastic injection molding is a process that requires an input in the form of plastic granulate. This input is then softened and melted at high temperature until it becomes liquid. The obtained material is then injected into a mold which first takes the shape of the desired part. The injection molding is done at high pressure to obtain the ideal shape. The mold then cools down and the material solidifies.

Today, our expertise in the design and production of molded plastic parts enables us to take on projects regardless of the application. In the initial phase of the project, we first conduct a so-called ‘personal feasibility’ study. Then we proceed to manufacture the molded parts and their delivery. Moreover, we offer you a customized service to help you with your plastic injection molding project. Our wide range of interventions enables us to offer you the best possible expertise again and again.

We finance 50% of your plastic injection molding projects
Because making a plastic mold is a significant investment, we propose co-financing. As a gesture for social or environmental projects, we finance 50% of the plastic injection project. This form of partnership allows you to develop your business quickly with quality parts designed with the best machining technology. We also give you the best advice on how to use the acquired parts and their possible replacement. Let’s overcome all hurdles of your plastic injection molding projects together.


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