Mould Price Comparison

Price comparison on an injection mould

As a web-based company, we are in daily contact with injection mould manufacturers. We always use the same reference file in order to be able to position the different mould manufacturers. The prices can vary from simple to triple, quadruple and even almost 10 times the price.

We have produced a comparison table : H_____res (China) Fly___ld (China) Sun____e Mould (China) Société Allemagne J_T Mould (China) B___m Mould (China) F__S (Portugal) Société Belgique
5800€ 13100€ 24200€ 12000€ 47800€ 7450€ 10900€ 35000€ 44200€

These rates may be of interest to you, we have all the official offers to prove it.


Why consult the price comparison for plastic injection molds?

Are you looking for plastic injection molds but don't know which manufacturer to contact? There are numerous manufacturers of injection molds and injected plastic parts. As a result, it is difficult to find a reliable partner who can meet tight deadlines and work at the most competitive price. Why not use our plastic injection mold price comparison?


Advantages of a price comparison

You may not be aware, but prices for plastic injection molding can vary widely according to different manufacturers. Prices that are twice and even three times as high are not exceptional. As a professional, you obviously want the best price to purchase your injected plastic parts. Comparing different quotes is therefore an excellent way to get a good deal and find the cheapest prices on the Internet.

The plastics industry is a very competitive industry. Manufacturers try to differentiate themselves by offering lower prices than the competition.  However, one should not lose sight of the quality.

How does our price comparison service work? 

We can tell you very quickly whether or not  the price of the plastic injection mold you are planning to buy is too high. We offer you a quick, almost instantaneous price comparison. Within a period of 24 to 48 hours we confirm the price if you wish to obtain absolute certainty.


In the end

If you feel the prices you have to pay are too high, just forward them to us so that we can make a quick and efficient price comparison. Don't waste your time any longer and let us find the best price for you so you don’t end up paying too much for your plastic injected parts!





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