Julien Paeschen, founder of MusiWall, called on our services to help him realize his ambition: to showcase the most beautiful vinyl collections that music lovers can own within their living space.

Belgian and innovative, MusiWall has been designing and producing creative solutions for displaying vinyl albums in interiors since 2021. Julien Paeschen experienced himself traditional methods of hanging albums that can be harmful to walls and are not particularly aesthetic. So he decided to innovate!

In order to be able to offer his customers a vinyl album gallery, Julien Paeschen contacted us to launch his very first product: a wall display made of transparent framing clips. The MusiWall kit has to be an easy system to hang, display, exchange and use records instantly.

The project was technically challenging to make the plastic injection mold, as we pay particular attention to the quality of the finished result: solid, aesthetic, easy to use and flawless!

How did we do it? We made the tooling, i.e. the steel mold, in 6 weeks. The first samples of the display were then delivered to Julien for a test phase. After a few adjustments concerning the dimensions, the product was created.

We chose polycarbonate for its production, because this plastic material is light and has an excellent resistance. MusiWall's customers will have an easy-to-handle, rigid and transparent display that will fit in any home style!

As a manufacturer of plastic injection molds, we help projects like MusiWall to develop their ideas and prototypes into quality finished products. Whether the production runs are small or large, we offer to co-create the project with involvement at every stage of the process: contact, tooling, design adjustment, plastic injection and packaging.

We also believe that quality and value go hand in hand. At Moulding Injection, you will find a solid partnership where listening and exchanging ideas will allow us to meet your needs for the most specific plastic injection molds. All of this at a democratic price!




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