Mineral Shower head production

Mineral Shower Head

Sanitary fittings 100% Made in Europe.

Our shower heads are designed in Europe. Manufactured and designed in Belgium, they comply with a number of standards to guarantee consumers reliable and efficient products. We want to offer everyone the possibility of equipping themselves with equipment that respects legislation and, above all, the planet, for better water consumption. Our sanitary fittings factory is committed to working in full compliance with the standards in force for an impeccable quality of products. We also focus on the manufacture of showerheads that allow users to save water.

The Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire (ACS) is compulsory for all materials that come into contact with the water that is consumed during use. It therefore concerns showerheads (in polycarbonate or Tritan) but also all elements of the sanitary network, as well as materials for storing and transporting water. Our products strictly comply with these standards, the most important in terms of health safety. During the tests carried out in our French laboratories, the product is tested for its intended use, and the water used is then tested to assess its quality. The aim is to avoid material transfer, as well as taste and odour, in order to validate the quality of the product. 
We work mainly with plastics in the design of our shower heads, which makes it easier for us to comply with these health standards. 


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